New Jersey Senator Proposes Player-Specific Prop Bet Prohibition

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New Jersey Senator Proposes Player-Specific Prop Bet Prohibition


  • The measure would ban specific-player prop bets in college sports.
  • This would include bets on the statistical performance lines of players.
  • New Jersey already bans in-state college and university wagering.

The sports betting market in New Jersey is extremely popular among gamers as it offers players a chance to post a variety of bets online and in person. New Jersey online casinos offer sportsbooks where players can find moneylines, totals, point spreads, prop bets, and more. With growth continuing for the state’s sports betting industry, it has garnered the attention of Senator Kristin Corrado. 

The senator recently introduced S-3080, a measure that will prohibit sports betting license holders from offering player-specific prop bets in the college sports sector. The bill was created to help student-athletes avoid harassment involving sports bettors. 

Details of the Measure

The new bill defines a prop bet as a side wager that is part of a sport or athletic event that does not involve the final outcome. In a news release regarding the bill, the senator stated that the banned bets will include statistical performance lines of players or which player will score first in a matchup. 

New Jersey casinos that feature sportsbooks are not allowed to offer wagers on games that involve in-state colleges or universities. Prop bets are included in this section of the law. If the new bill passed, it would prohibit prop bets from college or university games across the US via NJ sportsbooks. 

It is unclear if gambling operators like DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, or BetMGM are on board with the ban. It wouldn’t have a huge impact on earnings, as prop bets could still take place on professional games. Senator Corrado just introduced the measure, so we should see more insight into those who are supportive of the measure in the coming weeks. 

Athletes are Being Harassed

We all know that athletes are used to pressure and being called out by fans. If you have been to a physical game or watched one on television, you have seen fans yell at players for missing a shot or messing up a play. This is not uncommon behavior and is typically accepted as part of the game. 

However, what is not acceptable is harassment of players due to sports betting losses. Corrado says that prop bets are leading to a rise in student-athlete harassment. She also believes that prop bets are a threat to the integrity of college sports. 

In a statement, the senator says that she has heard about many individuals who have been victims of online harassment due to the bettors' performance or expectations. The legislation would help to stop this type of behavior and make college sports events safer for those involved. 

There is no evidence to support the senator’s claim. This is where the legislation may get dicey. If operators are not supportive of the ban, they will fight back. For the senator to gain any support, she may have to find instances where a player was harassed by a bettor for their performance. 

College Prop Bet Bans are Normal

It is not uncommon for a state to ban college prop bets, especially specific wagers involving players. Twenty-five states have such bans, including Washington, D.C., New York, and Pennsylvania. For the latter two, there are no college prop bets on offer. 

Just this year, Louisiana, Maryland, and Ohio have banned the wager type. We may see even more states decide to ban the bet type, especially if New Jersey does. Many states pattern their gambling legislation based on the laws and regulations in the Garden State. 

As the measure is discussed, all eyes will be on the state over the next few weeks. Will it gain ground in the Legislature and become a new change for sports bettors? Or perhaps the bill will not have enough support and prop bets will remain in place.

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