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Automatic Clearing House or ‘instant ACH transfer is a form of bank transfer enabling online players to transfer funds to & from online casinos utilising their own personal checking account. Although it is similar to other bank transfer payment methods, an online casino ACH deposit can only be used within the United States & usually takes 7-10 business days to clear. Though not as popular as it once was, people still use ACH online & a huge range of casino.

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Which Online Casinos in New Jersey Accept ACH?

Here is a list of legal online casinos in New Jersey that accept ACH payments

NJ’s ACH Approved Online Casinos

What is ACH?

ACH or ‘echeck’ as it is sometimes commonly referred to) is an excellent solution for any New Jersey online casino player who wants a fast, secure, and reliable alternative to check payments. Although the ACH method of payment and instant ACH transfer online has fallen out of favor over the last decade due to the rise of faster bank transfer methods that require much shorter processing times and the rise of web-wallets, ACH is still a casino banking method that is preferred by many.

The only real major difference between ACH – e-checks – and paper checks is their delivery method. E-checks are delivered electronically rather than a paper check in the mail.

How it works – An ACH withdrawal from your account to make a payment will be just like an old school paper check. The money used will be drawn from your personal bank account, and the transaction will be assigned a unique identification code. This is important to track the transaction and the unique identifier can be used both as a transaction record and a reference to track your payment.

Additionally, if your bank account and your checking account are connected, you’ll be able to use the e-check system. All you’ll need to provide is your bank account and routing number in the fields provided at an online casino that accepts ACH.

The great thing is about ACH e-check as that it is widely accepted and super secure, particularly for payments, which means if you’re a visitor to a number of online casinos, it is a very convenient way to move money around in and out between your checking account and your online casino.

ACH Safety & Security

In order to accept and make online payments, all online casino sites have a range of security features in place, and it’s no different with ACH.

Firstly, when making an ACH payment your bank and the online casino ‘meet’ in a digital interface, which has a layer of multiple security features and encryptions in place. As the casino requests the funds electronically, it will make contact with your bank via the ACH or Automated Clearing House. The ACH payment processor is inbuilt with strong encryptions which allows or stops the transaction according to the information it has been provided with, such as; are the bank data correct, is there enough funds in the account, has the payment been verified etc.

After the payment goes through, ACH has an extra safety feature that will allow the user to reverse the transaction if there’s any mishap, mistake or misunderstanding. Overall, these inherent safety features make ACH safer and much more convenient than standard, non-reversible wire transfers, or of course, immeasurably more secure than a paper check in the mail.

How to make an ACH Deposit

Simply log-in to your New Jersey online casino account and navigate to the banking section, and select ‘ACH’ (some sites may refer to it as ‘echeck’) as your payment deposit option.

  • On the next page, input your bank name, bank account number and bank routing number.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit, making sure it meets any minimum deposit set by your casino.
  • Once the casino contacts your bank, you will need to confirm the withdrawal of funds from your bank account.
  • The bank will then issue an echeck to the casino and you will need to await clearance of the ACH payment.

ACH Deposit Time

Many New Jersey online casinos can usually process deposits made by ACH within 1-3 business days, however, depending on your bank and when you make the payment (weekend or weekday) some payments can take up to 7 to 10 days to clear. To date, the technology does not support the ability to accept ACH payments instantly.

How to make a Withdrawal with ACH

  • When you’re ready to cash out your NJ online casino winnings, head to the cashier section at the online casino and select ‘Withdrawal’.
  • Choose ACH (some sites may refer to it as ‘echeck’) as the payment method and enter the amount you’re looking to withdraw. You may need to add bank details, if it is the first time.
  • Verify your details – Ensure your information is correct and your withdrawal request meets any conditions the casino has on withdrawal amounts, wagering requirements on bonuses etc.
  • Receive your funds direct into your bank account. The time period depends on how long the casino and the bank take to process your request (see below).

ACH Withdrawal Time

ACH withdrawal requests are usually approved by your online casino within a single business day; however, it may take a few extra days for the bank to process the payment and deposit the funds to your card account. Most ACH withdrawals are fully completed within five to eight business days, but can be as short as 48 hours (depending on your bank).

ACH Customer Service

For Customer Support Services for your ACH transactions head to your bank’s customer support line – always be your first port-of-call for assistance for ACH transactions. Only if your bank advises you to contact the online casino should there be any requirement to call the casino.

Advantages of using ACH

Using ACH has a good range of advantages for making your online casino payments;

  • Very secure transactions.
  • Only play with money you have in your bank account.
  • Easy to use on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Deposits are usually low or fee-free.
  • No cards or extra tools required.

Disadvantages of using ACH

  • Transactions are not as fast as some other online casino banking methods.
  • Users are required to enter bank details on the online casino site.

Ways to transfer money into your ACH (Bank) Account

  • As your ACH payments are made to/from your bank account, you can top up your bank account from any source you normally would. For most people, salary is received directly into their bank checking account or you can slide money in or out if you have a web wallet.

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