First Class of New Casino Advancement Program at Stockton University Celebrate Graduation

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  • The course focuses on several areas of casino employment.
  • Casino industry experts teach the program courses.
  • Twenty-three people graduated in the first class.

On March 5, the Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism (LIGHT) at Stockton University celebrated its first graduating class of the Integrated Casino Resorts Operations Certificate Program. The eight-week course provides insight into the casino industry for individuals interested in working within casinos. The program's first graduating class included 23 students.

More on the Certificate Program 

The program's goal is to provide individuals with an inside look at how the casino industry works. Those who are already working in the industry can learn more about advancement to move up to higher positions within management.

The program focuses on several casinos in the casino industry. Each week, the course focuses on another area. Options include accounting and human resources, slot games, table games, regulation, security and surveillance, marketing, and food/beverage.

The full course lets participants see how the industry works in every area. This helps one decide which career path to take and examine the full picture. The founder of LIGHT has wanted to bring the certificate program to life for many years now, as it is an opportunity to network with students in different organizations and provide the latest information on the industry.

More Education for Higher Employment Positions 

Many people in the casino industry do not have a college education and rely on training to work at New Jersey casinos. The program allowed individuals to attend, with many having their tuition paid by employers. The employees want to build on their careers and use the certificate program as a way to learn more and expand their employment opportunities.

Casinos like Hard Rock were encouraged to select the program's best employees, called ‘rising stars.’ These individuals were given the opportunity to attend based on their ambitions to move up within the industry. The coursework will help every student move up to higher levels within their sector or find new employment options.

To be successful in the casino industry, an individual needs to understand how every aspect works. With full knowledge of how casinos work, employees have a better shot at success, no matter their position.

Continuing with the Program 

LIGHT has plans to offer the certificate program again in 2025. The institute is fully focused on certifications for those who want to become involved in the gambling industry. The group offers other opportunities and is considering adding industry-focused certificates to the School of Business at Stockton.

Currently, LIGHT offers two certificate programs. The Integrated Casino Resort Operations option allows users to prepare for managerial and supervisory positions to executive roles within a casino venue. The second option is the Certified Tourism Industry Professional certificate. With this certification, individuals can learn more about working in the hospitality and leisure sectors.

The college also offers degree opportunities connected to the gambling industry. One such option is the Esports Management degree. Those interested in esports can earn a degree and seek employment in handling the day to day operations of such service providers. 

Fully Embracing the iGaming Sector.  

New Jersey remains a leader in the gambling industry for many reasons, one of which is that the state fully embraces it. From iGaming to sports betting and land-based services, the state is dedicated to offering the best in the business.

With continuing education efforts such as those available at Stockton University, anyone interested in becoming involved in the industry has the ability to do so. If more programs are made available, it will lead to even more job potential. It would not be surprising to see other states take a page from the NJ casino playbook and start offering similar educational programs to boost gambling operations.

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