New Jersey Regulators Plan to Break Down Gambling Revenues by Online Operator

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  • The goal of the change is to increase transparency.
  • Revenue reports will show the true online casino industry leaders.
  • Figures from January and February will be released with individual earnings.

Since New Jersey online casinos started offering services in 2013, the Division of Gaming Enforcement has presented revenue reports based on the license holder. We could see the full earnings reports but not an individual operator breakdown.

That is all about to change as the state’s gaming regulators have decided to reveal individual operator earnings. Each skin will be reported, giving us an inside look at who the top operator is and who might fall short.

Beginning in April, with March Revenues  

Starting this month, the Division of Gaming Enforcement will present the revenue reports individually. We will no longer see reports from license holders, which may completely change the game when it comes to the top monthly earners.

The figures will start on April 16 with March reports, and the DGE plans to release the January and February reports again to show the individual earnings. This will provide a new level of detail.

The DGE stated that with more detailed information on a skin-level, the stakeholders and public will better understand the individual iGaming and sports betting performances.

Who Will Land the Number One Spot? 

In the past, we have had to consider the top earners based on licensing holder groupings. With individual reports, we will be able to see who is actually bringing in the most earnings for the state per month.

In the past, speculation has suggested that FanDuel Casino is the top operator in the state.  Analysts feel that FanDuel has helped Golden Nugget hit higher earnings. It is pretty clear that FanDuel Sportsbook is helping the Meadowlands Racetrack hit higher-earning goals, but is it the same for the casino?

In just a few days, we will be able to see who has the most earnings and if they can keep the top spot. Will certain brands stand out above the rest? Who will make the end of the list? It’s quite interesting to consider the options, and it may bring even more competition to the state as operators try to make it to the top three positions.

This is an exciting change to the New Jersey legal online casino market as it provides more insight into how each operator's skin is faring. Seeing how the operators land on the revenue list may be surprising.

Tax Rates May Increase  

As we learn more about the new reporting process for NJ online casinos, we may also soon see an increase in the tax rate for online operators. Senator John F. McKeon recently introduced S3064, a bill that would increase operators' tax payments on sports betting and casino games.

Currently, casinos pay a 17.4% tax and sportsbooks pay 14.25%. If the bill passes into law, the amount will be boosted to 30%. This will considerably lower revenue earnings, as the tax payment would double.

It is unclear why the Senator wants to see the large increase and what he tends to gain from the higher payments. Will funds go to education or perhaps senior citizens?

The senator will need to get full support to see this type of change in the gambling industry. The New Jersey Casino Association is not in favor, and of course, the casinos do not want to see the change either.

It would not be surprising to see the bill squashed before it even starts if the Association and the casinos fight back with lobbying efforts. Lawmakers tend to side with casinos on most matters as they are big revenue drivers for the state. New record highs are hit regularly, and any disruption, such as a tax increase, may be seen as a negative to the industry.

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