Best Online Keno Casinos

Online Keno is a game of pure chance with its roots in raffles or lotteries that is thought to have found its way to United States with the Chinese immigrants that flooded into California’s goldfields in the 1840’s. Put simply, in Online Keno players attempt to predict/guess numbers randomly from a larger pool of numbers.

Whilst not all New Jersey online casinos offer Keno, many are beginning to do so, as online players look for more ways to relax and play games of chance online without having to use their invaluable relaxation time to overthink or study strategy. No thinking is required to play Keno – it’s just pure relaxation, and it has become extremely popular as a result, being easy to learn and suiting online players of all levels. However, online keno is not offered everywhere and not all online keno games are created equally. That’s why, we’ve listed the best online keno casinos for you and where you can find the best games to kick back, relax and win a few dollars.

What Do We Look for in Online Keno Casinos?

In our extensive research on New Jersey’s online keno casinos, we discovered that if you really enjoy Online Keno, try comparing the payout tables in different online casinos and playing the keno games that offer the best payouts to keep your bankroll in the game for longer periods (or better yet, check out the online casinos specializing in keno we’ve already listed above for your convenience). Honestly, no possible strategy exists for selecting keno numbers, as the secure and tamper-proof nature of modern online casino random generators ensures that any keno number is just as likely to come up as another.

However, Keno does offer some of the better odds/RTPs compared to other games of pure chance, and its loads of fun! To further increase your winning potential at Online Keno, we unearthed that in New Jersey’s online casinos it is best to look out for Keno variants that offer special features, promotions or twists on regular gameplay, all of which could help increase the size and frequency of wins;

  • Play an Online Keno game with a ‘Gamble Feature’ giving chances to double a win.
  • Play a Higher Payout Lounge – Frequently, online keno casinos have different payout lounges to choose from. Take your time to discover which one/s offers the highest payouts.
  • Play a Progressive Jackpot Keno Game – Progressive jackpots offers the best chance to pocket a large online keno win. As the prize fund increases over time, much larger amounts are at stake after each completed game (if the jackpot has not been won).

When playing an online progressive jackpot game, always be sure to check which bets qualify in order to win the jackpot, how large the non-jackpot wins are, and of course, the maximum size of the current jackpot.

Game Selection

When it comes to online keno, unlike the hundreds of online slots games at each online casino, more often than not, there’s usually only a handful of online keno game types available for play and there all more or less identical in the way they designed and the gameplay.

There are just a few types of keno games that are offered by different software providers. The most common type is the classic keno game. However, game providers like their variety which means that you can find other versions of this popular game, but they are few and far between and not a lot of difference between them.

Classic Keno – Classic Keno is quite simple. In most cases, players have a video card that contains the numbers 1-80. Players choose anywhere from 1 to 10 of the numbers listed. Online casinos sometimes let players choose as many as 15 numbers, and some casinos even let players choose 20 numbers. When a player chooses a number, he or she is essentially betting that the number will be selected. Random number generators (RNGs) select the numbers. If someone picks a winning set of numbers, they may win a cash prize.

Vegas Jackpot Keno – Gameplay is similar to a normal keno game but with larger potential payouts. Players bet on up to ten numbers from the 80 on the board by clicking the number that they want, or else use the quickpick function assign them ten numbers. The twenty winning numbers are randomly selected and shown in a grey ball on your board.

Fortune Keno – Similar to Vegas Jackpot Keno, but you can choose to play up to 5 games in a row with your selected numbers to theoretically increase your odds of winning.

Keno Xperiment – Random pick numbers only, play the same numbers up to 5 games in a row, and instead of 20 winning numbers, 25 numbers will be called.

Jackpot 15 Keno – The goal is to pick a random selection of 15 numbers on the virtual board that you think the balls inside the machine will land on. What makes this game unique from other Keno games is that instead of 15 balls being used, Jackpot 15 Keno uses 20 balls.

Progressive Keno – Some online casinos offer a progressive jackpot for their keno games. The pot continues to build as each player pays to join the game until there is a big winner. Upon the big win, the jackpot goes back down to the pre-set minimum amount and continues to build back up again.

Live Keno

Unfortunately, live keno games are currently not available in New Jersey. With the popularity of Live Dealer Casino games growing with each passing month, the switch to Live Keno could take place in the future.

Mobile Options

All of our recommended sites are mobile compatible and many New Jersey casinos offer mobile apps which you can easily download from your respective app store (Android or Apple/iOS) and play your favorite keno games on the go or at home in your favorite lounge chair.

On many occasions, you may not even need to download an app to play online keno. Some browser versions do support online keno, so if keno is your casino game of choice and you prefer mobile play, it’s also possible to carry on playing if you don’t want to download the app. Take into account, that with some online casinos, their mobile app versions tend to load faster and offer a smoother online keno gaming experience.

Bonuses and Promotions

Slots games regularly contribute 100% to the wagering (playthrough) requirements at most New Jersey online casino sign-up or welcome bonuses, however, please be aware that online keno gameplay usually do not.

On many occasions, online keno often contributes far less (sometimes as low as 2% – 10%) to the playthrough requirements. Please check our NJ online keno casino reviews for additional information on all the casino’s online keno bonus contribution rates.

Online keno aficionados playing regularly daily or weekly, may not have any problem reaching the wagering requirements of those recommended New Jersey online casinos with lower wagering requirements.

Table Limits

Online keno is the style of game that doesn’t have set table or bet limits. Most online keno cards allow you to choose from 1 to 10 numbers, whilst many others can be ticked with up to 20 numbers. Usually, you will know from the online card itself how many numbers you can pick. Some of New Jersey’s online casinos will offer you a quick pick option to choose your number randomly and automatically for you.

Once you have selected your numbers, you must select the amount you want to wager. The amount you are able to bet will depend on the casino you are playing at and will vary. Generally, at land-based casinos, there is a minimum of $5.00 and a maximum of $10.00, while online keno casinos generally offer a more competitive $1.00 minimum bet.

Maximum bets will depend on how many numbers you wish to play.

Return to Player (RTP)

Every online game of chance (including keno) has a payout ratio associated with them, better known as RTP (return-to-player). RTP is the long-term rate of how much money will be paid out to online casino players divided by how much has been staked.

Unique in many ways, online keno has its own set of RTP numbers, dependent on who many numbers you choose to pick. Typically, online keno RTP starts at around 75% for picking only 1 number, through to as high as just over 95% if you choose to play as many as 15 numbers. Please see table below for approximate online keno RTPs.

All of which means that the more numbers you play will provide better chances to win on a more regular basis in online keno.