Atlantic City Casinos Ban Guns Despite Federal Stay by Local Judge

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Earlier this year, Judge Renee Marie Bumb granted a temporary restraining order to keep parts of a gun ban law that was signed by Governor Phil Murphy last December. The law required patrons to avoid bringing concealed weapons to certain areas including day cares and parks. Casinos are part of the bill too, listed as a sensitive place and guns were barred from the premises. With the recent ruling by Bumb, guns would now be allowed back in gaming venues. However, New Jersey casinos are not going along with the ruling.

Each of the nine casinos in Atlantic City will not allow guns on site. Because the casinos are private property, they have the right to ban guns if they like. It is unclear how this will be enforced but we assume that casinos will utilize technology such as metal detectors to ensure that guns are not brought on-site.


  • Casino Association of New Jersey announced guns are not allowed in Atlantic City casinos.
  • Private businesses can ban guns if they wish.
  • Atlantic City casinos make guest safety a top priority.

Guns Are Not Permitted

The Casino Association of New Jersey announced recently that it will now allow guns inside any of the casinos within Atlantic City. President of the group, Mark Giannantonio, stated that the safety and well-being of guests and employees is a top priority.

The court order to temporarily restrain the enforcement of the state law that stops patrons from carrying concealed weapons into public places like casinos has caused the Association to take such action. The casinos in Atlantic City will exercise their rights as a private property owner to stop firearms from entering the premises.

Casinos do have security measures in place already and take great care in ensuring that patrons and guests are protected. Surveillance cameras are also in place to help with any instances of crime that may take place on site. Additional security measures may be added in the future to try and counteract the argument by the proponents of more open gun laws.

Second Amendment Advocates Not Happy with the Announcement

Of course, the decision made by the NJ Casino Association was met with complaints by advocates of the Second Amendment. It is groups of advocates that are fighting to see changes to the new gun safety bill approved in New Jersey last year.

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is one group behind the fight. Scott Bach, the executive director of the association, stated that the casino association is telling the world that their guests will not be able to defend themselves.

Bach went on to say that criminals are known to seek out victims that cannot fight back and if casinos are not offering armed security, then they better be able to offer liability insurance if an issue occurs.

Attempts were made in the past to provide armed guards within AC casinos but the plan never took shape. At the time, there had been carjackings in the area that resulted in death.

The Fight Continues

For now, the casinos will stick to their guns, no pun intended, and not allow patrons to enter their premises with concealed weapons. The Second Amendment proponents will continue their fight in court after having already won the stay for certain portions of the gun ban law.

Any time a gun ban of any type is on the table, it causes an uproar on both sides. It will be interesting to see which one prevails in this case. It seems that the rulings could be back and forth and the only solution for properties like casinos is to enact their own bans.

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