Gambling Operators Reveal Formal Principles for Responsible Gaming: New Jersey Complies

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  • The notable gaming operators and providers created 12 primary principles for responsible gaming.
  • NJ online casinos adopt the 12 principles for responsible gaming along with other U.S states.
  • New Jersey is set to offer various avenues for residents to play online casino games with ease.

Some of the most respected online gaming operators in the U.S. launched imperative principles for responsible online gaming. Notable gaming providers like DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel played major roles in those standards or principles.

Other significant operators that played a role were Entain and MGM Resorts.

Each of the notable gaming providers and gaming operators combined to create the 12 principles of responsible gaming.

The new 12 principles of responsible gaming apply to the NJ online gambling market. It’s also a universal rulebook for other states in the U.S.

Let's take a closer look at the current principles in place and how it affects N.J. gamblers.

Responsible Gaming in New Jersey

The Garden State has pari-mutuel betting on horse racing, state lottery, gambling on slot machines, table games, poker, and more. Online gambling via casinos was restricted to Atlantic City after getting approved by a statewide referendum in 1976.

The New Jersey Casino Control Commission supervises the state’s gaming. They are responsible for licensing casinos and issuing regulations.

New Jersey offers various avenues for residents to play online casino games with ease. Along with that, the 12 principles are set to serve your gaming needs better.

The 12 principles also aim to encourage training gambling employees and ensuring that operators update their responsible gaming tools.

As expected, due to the 12 principles, most gaming providers are excited about new partnerships. The direction of responsible gaming is also beneficial to gaming providers.

12 Primary Principles of Responsible Gaming

The 12 principles of responsible gaming set for adoption by N.J. are based on the following:

  • Striving to instill a culture of responsible gaming through various businesses.
  • Participating in legal markets providing consumer protections.
  • The fact that certain individuals need additional support and essential tools to help their gaming activities.
  • The belief is that all types of gambling should be a form of entertainment or engaging activity.

Operators consistently try to give the best possible information to keep bettors in New Jersey legal online casinos  and beyond up to date with responsible gaming tools.

Along with the 12 principles, these top operators also provided a toll-free number for everyone in the U.S. that needs help. These operators prefer the "shared responsibility" method for problem gaming. With that technique, they can work with academic experts, policymakers, advocacy groups and partners, and problem-gaming treatment organizations.

Developed Top Gaming Principles

Here are the top 12 principles from the top online gaming operators:

  1. Take immediate steps to prevent underage and excluded individuals from taking part in any kind of gaming within our products.
  2. Assist patrons in making decisions about their gaming. We provide helpful information on how to play and provide important tools and how to access them. The provided information includes a toll-free helpline and resources for those that need support for gaming.
  3. Stand by the adoption and promotion of a nationwide responsible gaming toll-free helpline.
  4. Follow applicable standards of socially responsible advertising, including compliance with state and federal laws and standards. We also avoid using minors in marketing content and only utilize actors and company representatives that appear to be above the legal age of gambling.
  5. Provide you with tools to play responsibly, including self-exclusion tools, financial limits, account limits, and betting histories.
  6. Follow all self-exclusion rules and regulations, and provide valuable resources to individuals that make a choice to self-exclude.
  7. Motivate patrons to set a specific budget that they deem affordable and never go beyond their means. Gaming should also be something other than a means to financial success.
  8. Encourage individuals to set financial limits and times on their gaming and stick to them. Patrons should avoid chasing losses.
  9. Believe in a shared responsibility approach to addressing problem gaming and commit to working with academic experts, policymakers, and problem gaming treatment organizations.
  10. Support funding for responsible gaming research and evidence-based problem
  11. Provide applicable employees with responsible gaming training upon hire and regularly after to embed responsible gaming culture in our business.
  12. Stay committed to evaluating and monitoring respective responsible gaming programs and initiatives.

Respected Operators Commit to Responsible Gaming

Most operators discussed the importance of the agreement and the future of responsible gaming. Chrissy Thurmond from DraftKings said,

"Essential to providing safer play is a framework for operators to guide them in responsible gaming. DraftKing is proud to be part of the landmark effort that has culminated in the adoption of 12 responsible gaming principles that would benefit consumers in the U.S."

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