New Jersey Introduces New Responsible Regulations and Initiatives for Gambling Industry

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  • Wagering requirements must be clear in future advertising.
  • Locations are limited to avoid minor viewing.
  • Gambling operators must make it easy for patrons to opt out of advertising.

In the United States gambling industry, regulations are important. The rules and regulations ensure a fair market with operators adhering to specific standards of service. In New Jersey, officials want to modify the existing gambling regulations with new advertising standards and changes. This will ensure that NJ casinos offer a safe gambling environment where vulnerable players are not at risk.

A New Series of Regulations and Initiatives

During the recent East Coast Gaming Congress, new responsible gambling regulations and initiatives were introduced by Attorney General Matthew Platkin. This new series of rules aims to establish better advertising standards and provide products that are easily accessible to players who need help with self-exclusion.

With the new regulations, online casinos in New Jersey, like BetMGM and Caesars, will need to change how advertising is conducted. Casino and sportsbook operators must highlight the 1-800-GAMBLER hotline in the ads where players can see it. Operators are not allowed to promise a risk-free bet or guaranteed to win within their advertisements if the player is not fully compensated for a loss.

Wagering requirements must also be clear in the terms and conditions. This is an area where players need to pay attention. Always read the fine print to know what deal you are claiming and determine if it will work for you.

Advertising is also limited around locations where individuals under the age of 21 might view the content. Young people should not be inundated with ads regarding gambling. The public also needs to have ways to opt out of direct advertising.

After introducing the rule changes, Platkin stated that as the gambling industry is growing and maturing, it is the obligation of officials to assist players who are at risk of a gambling addiction. The new measures will help to protect consumers and make it easier for them to find help as needed.

The main goal is to provide enough resources for players so that anyone can seek assistance if a gambling problem begins to take root. It is important for players to seek help as soon as possible to avoid major issues with family, finances, or mental health.

Keeping Tabs on Operators

To help with the responsible gambling measures, the Division of Gaming Enforcement now has a new position. The attorney general’s office has created a new position to have someone in place to monitor the initiatives and how well they are working.

The agency has plans to make the process of joining the self-exclusion list much easier in the state. The lists are given to casinos and affiliates so that marketing materials for gambling are not sent to these individuals. Of course, such materials often fall through the cracks, so the new monitoring process will help to avoid any issues.

For those who want to be added to the self-exclusion list, the process is now offered online via video conference. A telephone helpline has also been established to help players with self-exclusion questions, including how to sign up.

Will Other States Follow Suit?

New Jersey is often the industry standard when it comes to gambling in general. The National Council on Problem Gambling is hopeful that the move by the state will be copied across the country to ensure that players are further protected.

It will be interesting to see if other major gambling states like Pennsylvania or Nevada take similar steps to provide a better monitored industry. New Jersey is sure to benefit from the changes are more players are protected from harm and given the help they need. 

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