New Jersey Launches New Responsible Gaming Initiative

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  • The program launches just before Super Bowl LVII.
  • Player behavior will be reviewed to help assist gamblers as needed.
  • Automatic resources will be provided to players who meet state criteria.

As Super Bowl LVII kicks off this weekend, the state of New Jersey has introduced a new responsible gambling initiative. The NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement and the Attorney General's office worked together to create the new program to help identify players with a gambling problem based on data collection.

Gathering Data for Increased Player Protection

The new responsible gambling initiative will utilize data from online gambling operators like 888casino and the Golden Nugget to determine problem gambling issues and come up with solutions. Sports betting and online casino games have become increasingly popular over the years, with regulators wanting to ensure that every player is protected from potential gambling addiction.

Gaming officials in the Garden State will review data provided by the iGaming sites and look at certain specifics. Attention will be paid to gamblers whose game time increases each week and those who wager until they have under $1 within their account. Attention will also go to those who try to ban themselves from gambling or regularly use cooling-off periods for breaks.

Regulators want to learn more about player behavior and take note of any individual that deposits thousands of dollars to their iGaming account in a short period of time or continually requests deposit limit increases. Such changes in behavior are a sign that the player may be struggling with addiction and trying to recover from losses.

Gamblers already agree to have their data monitored and recorded based on an operator's terms and conditions. This agreement is made before the first wager is placed. Companies collect such data to prevent identity theft and fraud but will now use it for additional player protection. The technology is there to use the data as a tool for further player protection involving gambling harm.

This use of data will be a positive for players as it will help operators determine who is at risk and needs help from gambling addiction. Most players do not ask for help until they have reached a certain low point. With the data collection, casinos, and sportsbooks can detect the early warning signs and take action before a player is in dire straits.

Providing Help to Those Who Need It

NJ casinos can offer support to players who fall under the state's criteria based on the behavioral settings. If warning signs are present and continue, the player will be asked to watch a video tutorial covering responsible gambling. The gaming operator may also contact the individual directly to provide assistance.

The new approach will give responsible gaming experts of iGaming platforms in the state a chance to detect early warning signs. Action can be taken toward at-risk players to provide help before the individual is affected negatively personally or financially. In the past, players might lose relationships or be in financial ruin before they recognize a gambling problem.

The new plan will act as a supplement to the existing safeguards within the state's gaming industry. Players can already take action for help when a potential gambling problem arises. Players have access to the state's self-exclusion list that offers one to five years of exclusion.

This program keeps players from land-based services and online gaming. Players can ask to be reinstated and must do so through the state's gambling regulator. There are additional options for help as well, including the NJ Council on Compulsive Gambling and Gamblers Anonymous.

We imagine as the program gains ground, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement will provide reports on the findings and how players were affected. The goal is to ensure additional player protection and stop gambling addiction in its tracts before it negatively affects patrons in New Jersey.

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