New Free Casino Employment Training Opportunity Arises in Atlantic City

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  • The training course will last six weeks.
  • Participants will learn the ins and outs of live dealer employment.
  • The free course covers tuition costs and licensing fees.

Residents of New Jersey interested in working within a local casino have a prime educational opportunity thanks to a new course launch this April. The Atlantic County Workforce Development Board recently announced a new six-week training course that will start on April 1 and offer free training for live dealer gaming. Anyone interested in learning how to deal casino games and seek employment in Atlantic City can participate.

Free Courses for Casino Dealers

The course will start on a Saturday and take place at the Atlantic County One-Stop Career Center. More classes are also in the works so casinos can offer more employment opportunities to residents. The Development Board is working on additional course options right now.  

The Board has plans to cover the cost of tuition and licensing fees. Employees must have a license to work as a dealer in New Jersey Casinos, which can be costly, especially for those just starting out. The free course is a great opportunity for individuals to receive free education and possible employment, making upwards of $70,000 annually.

These classes aim to help residents start a career in the gambling industry without any financial hardship. Courses and licensing costs can add up, so the Board covering these costs is a game-changer for anyone seeking employment.

The classes are free, thanks to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act. This measure has been in action for almost a decade and allows states to offer training and tuition to citizens of the nation for potential job positions.

Anyone interested can get started today by contacting the Atlantic County One-Stop Career Center. With the free tuition and licensing fees, it is expected that the classes will fill up quickly.  

Gambling Legal Changes Under Consideration for NJ

At the same time as the new classes are about to begin in NJ, one state lawmaker is trying to see legislation changes to help players receive gambling treatment as needed, along with other legislative changes. Assemblyman Ralph Caputo sponsors legal measures that seek to create a court program that diverts penalties to gambling treatment.

The bill would create courts to tackle crimes connected to gambling addiction so that support would be provided. Simply sending such an individual to jail does not help the gambling problem. The court system may be a problem, and this portion of the bill may need to be changed for any headway to be gained.

Focus is also being placed on young people and potential addiction. Plans are to add programs for high schoolers to help young people understand gambling addiction and how it affects their lives. New lessons have already started at a high school in West Orange to test the pilot program. Lessons would be added to the current health curriculum.

Efforts must also be made to stop advertising for sports betting from entering college campuses and universities. Lawmakers seem to be split on the subject of advertising. Some feel it is necessary to ensure operators have customers, while others feel the market is inundated with too many marketing materials.

Those against want to see sportsbooks and casinos be restrained in the number of ads they offer and use good judgment. Gambling should be used for entertainment, and many fear that an influx of ads leads to poor judgment and gambling addiction.

With so much indifference within the Assembly, it may be some time before any movement is made regarding this legislation. There are many topics on the table, and everyone has an opinion. We will continue to monitor the situation and report on any changes as they are announced.

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