FansUnite Makes Moves to Expand Its Services To New Jersey

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Canadian-based firm, FansUnite targets NJ for its first US gaming license approval – a goal that would see it expand its services to one of the most successful gaming markets in the US. The firm also holds a major stake in the Scottish gambling market and looks to hit the same level of success in Brazil.

To bring its goal to reality, the company has employed renowned gaming law firm Ifrah Law of Washington to help assist. According to FansUnite CEO Scott Burton, the company expects the state Division of Gaming Enforcement to grant its request in three to five months with other state approvals coming later in the year.

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New Jersey has always taken the lead in the U.S gaming industry since 1990 such that a Garden State Imprimatur makes gaining approval in other US states a breeze.

FansUnite has already secured a major approval from Malta last year December which has paved way for new opportunities for the company to offer its services.

It also poses an extensive portfolio. The company takes pride in creating its own online casino games. Getting accredited in New Jersey – one of the bubbling online gaming markets in the US would be a big plus to the company.

The company also looks to expand its portfolio as it increases its reach. As FansUnite President Darius Eghdami said it, the focus of the company is on creating 10 new games by the end of the calendar year while infusing an eSports video game feel to them.

FansUnited will claim a commission every time someone takes a spin or plays one of its games so it is looking towards a huge revenue that is expected if one of its games becomes a hit.

“This could be a cash cow part of our business,” Eghdami said, noting that one game involves “stealing money from a bank vault, and you never know when the cops will come.”

FansUnite is the software provider for the GameCo partnership with Sky Ute Casino in the state of Colorado.

The company seems to have employed the best hands to oversee the approval of its first US license which could see it claim a stake in the US betting and online casino market.

Gaming law attorney Jeff Ifrah, whose roots with New Jersey regulators dates back for at least a decade, and his firm “are a great addition to the global legal team that we have assembled to oversee the delivery of FansUnite’s offerings,” Burton said. “With a longstanding career as a prominent attorney in gaming law, Jeff will accelerate our expansion into the highly complex U.S. betting and iGaming market.”

McBookie Limited, one of the company\’s subsidiary is also seeking to expand. The company is already licensed across the United Kingdom but looks to expand its services to Scotland.

To achieve its expansion goals, FansUnite recently hit a deal with licensing solution provider OneComply.

“The amount of opportunity in North America for new-to-market companies can be overwhelming given the various licensing processes and jurisdictional requirements, with companies no longer trying to enter one jurisdiction, but multiple jurisdictions simultaneously,”

OneComply CEO Cameron Conn said in a statement.

“This creates a tremendous amount of lag in productivity even with the most seasoned of compliance and legal teams. We understand the importance FansUnite places on regulation, and we look forward to supporting their scale in the North American market.”

Ifrah and OneComply will collaborate to bring about favorable results for the company. While FansÚnite looks to take on the world, it could also expand its sports betting and online casino gaming offers in Canada as new developments in some provinces will open up new gaming partnership opportunities.

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